Several expressions of a single philosophy

Quite rightly, the environment is now the focus of frequent and deep attention. There is a trend towards environmentally gentle products. Linder’s products rest on, and spring from, a rather robust philosophy shaped by generations of thrifty, down-to-earth people. We produce intelligently with little waste. A “trend” that has been a centuries-old way of life in the region where we work. Furthermore, we make our boats and canoes from a material that can be recycled time after time – aluminium.



In today’s world, many things jostle for our attention. Material comfort (status) is not the least of these. We at Linder feel and believe that freedom is important for everyone. The concept of freedom is interpreted in many different ways. Linder’s contribution is to make products that free your time, energy and financial resources! When it comes to materials, we think the choice is easy. On top of that, we feel that our boats and canoes take their users towards freedom – the freedom of simplicity, the freedom of easy propulsion... Throughout our company’s 45-year history, we have always been customer-focused. For example, we feel that a boat should be easy to row and stable. We also feel that movement should be just as easy when you fasten a motor to the stern. That is why our boats are light and thus require less energy for propulsion, whether it is you or a motor doing the propelling.



A Linder boat is safe. We have certificates proving this. However, such papers say little about the feeling of being on the water in one of our boats. We know that our products are well-proven and appreciated for their stable and safe design. The materials, in combination with cleverly designed hulls, have given us several “best in class” awards.



Today, we make boats (in two different classes) and canoes. Our row- boats and canoes have much in common. They are extremely seaworthy yet light – products that draw you to the tranquillity of still and flowing waters. With Arkip in pole position, our planing boats add speed to the experience. No matter which model you choose, the motor is small, but the speed is high!