With an Arkip 460, you are ready for anything. Open seas, sheltered coasts, jetties, lakes, near, far – go wherever fancy takes you. A 12° hull angle makes this a family boat that readily planes and has room for up to 5 people. As the name indicates, it is 460 cm long. The ample, 185 cm width makes this a boat with lots of space. Furthermore, its low weight (292 kg) ensures that you can get it onto a trailer whenever you want and go to whichever waters are calling you!
Its robustness aids launching. An Arkip 460 is ideal for sports, fishing, simply enjoying being out on the water or powering your voyages of discovery. Like all our boats, it is almost completely recyclable and satisfies future requirements in respect of producer liability.
Praised for its seaworthiness, the willing and responsive Arkip 460 demands something of you – a little seamanship. Use a 50-hp motor and you can reach 33 knots!

En man och en kvinna håller om varandra på en brygga i solnedgången. I vattnet ligger en båt från Linder.


The Arkip 460 is equipped as standard with, amongst much else, a steering console, a 9-inch GPS/sonar, a sturdy toe rail, easy-to-grip grab rails, aluminium floor grid, bathing ladder, automatic bilge pump, 150 cm rod box, navigation lighting (LEDs in the bow) and ample passenger and stowage space. An Arkip 460 can be equipped with a left console, a sun/fishing deck and a water skiing tow bar.
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En man står i fören på en Linderbåt och gör sig redo att hoppa iland. Det är kvällssol i bilden och vattnet är stilla. Read more about Arkip 460