Linder fishing boats

Ella choose fishing boat from Linder

“It’s really cool to be, in my own way, a part of Linder.”

Ella – fishing guide and coach – enthuses about the boat’s “seaworthiness”, “ruggedness” and, in particular, how she can: “Handle it easily alone, get it on a trailer and launch it off the west coast or in a lake. The draft is shallow too!”

Evelina choose fishing boat from Linder

Evelina Henriksen is a passionate angler and has, among other things, caught one of the world's heaviest salmon. Her fishing boat is Arkip 460, fully equipped. Before, she had a 445 Catch.
- For me, a Linder boat is optimal and it is boats that anyone can handle and start fishing with. Easy to maneuver and durable, she says.