Questions and answers

Linder long ago decided to have its boats certified by Det Norske Veritas. Today, Linder has an agreement that governs a continuous process from concept and design to produc-tion of finished boats. As a result of this, Linder supplies boats that satisfy stringent re-quirements and are safe and sure for their owners and users.

Det Norske Veritas is one of the world’s largest and best-known classification and certifi-cation companies. It is famous for its knowledge and thoroughness. The first leisure boat regulations were passed in 1907. Since then, continuous effort has gone into developing and tailoring these regulations.

The collaboration between Linder and Det Norske Veritas is clear from the green symbols next to the CE mark. These unambiguously show that, in its capacity as an independent third party, Det Norske Veritas has certified our boats. They also demonstrate that, being a serious manufacturer, Linder takes responsibility for its products.

Yes, they are.

The CE mark is a symbol that is put on products to show that they satisfy the fundamental safety requirements of one or more EU directives. Thus, the CE mark serves as a sort of passport that gives products free movement throughout the EU. When a product satisfies the legislative requirements, it can carry the CE mark and be sold throughout the EU and the EEA.

Remember that the boat’s entire weight has to rest on the keel and not on the side supports! The side supports are only there to support the boat sideways. For trailering a Linder boat, we recommend double side support wheels or longitudinal side support. Fo-gelsta offers longitudinal side supports as accessories. Fogelsta emphasises that the right size trailer is important. For financial reasons, many consumers are tempted to buy one size too small. See

Your boat is oxidising. This means it is forming a grey/white, dull, protective film. This can be patchy at times. However, it evens itself out. You can choose between flushing the film off using a car shampoo and high-pressure washer or freshening up your boat with Hempel’s Alu-Guard (a paraffin oil). This gives a shinier finish.