The small boat industry is rather tiny – even when considered globally. Nonetheless, or perhaps exactly for this reason, it is important that we follow in the footsteps of our industrial giants. Tools, ball bearings, vehicles, beacons, etc. are all major Swedish products that are founded on concepts such as quality. Thus, we see “made in Sweden” as an argument for choosing a craft made by Linder. We have noted how other countries are offering all sorts of cheap products, aluminium boats and canoes included therein. The quality of these products is far from consistent. When you choose a Linder original, you also choose durability. You are making a better long-term investment.

En vacker kvinna drar en Linderbåt på en båtvagn över en gräsmatta i solen.


When you choose a Linder aluminium boat or an Inkas, you have made a selection that you can use for a long time. You may, perhaps, start with one of our small boats and then eventually move up a class. Whatever your choice of craft, there is Linder Original, a vast range of the highest quality functional accessories to bring even more pleasure to your ownership. A cover, a replacement for a lost bilge drain plug, motor mounts, oars, paddles or why not a solar cell unit for a Fishing 440? 

En detalj av interiören av en Linderbåt.